Fiber Art - 100 Years of Bauhaus


Online submission opens: October 1st to March 31

Notification April 15

Accepted Artwork due by: April 30


Opening reception: to be announced Exhibition Dates: July, August 2019

Art Ventures Gallery (AV)


Being in the Center of Silicon Valley, California, and having roots in Germany, Art Ventures Gallery is looking for fiber artists who will create fiber art Bauhaus style, taking technology and contemporary aspects into consideration. Fibers, textiles, and the language of textile patterning have achieved wide attention in contemporary art practice often as a means of evoking an experience that is both historical and contemporary. AV intends to expose and explore the tensions between and among works by artists using fiber media whose work employs diverse artistic disciplines: architecture, fashion, fiber art, installation art, interior design, new media, painting, and sculpture.


1. Artists may submit up to three (3) works.

2. Work will be submitted digitally to an online server, directions below.

3. Online submissions are open October 1st, 2018 to March 31, 2019.

4. There is no entry fee.

5. Each submission must be represented by two images: One (1) full view and one (1) detail.      

    NOTE: For installation pieces, please provide TWO (2) different views and TWO (2) details.

6. Work that will be exhibited in a frame should be represented as such. Work framed under glass should be photographed without glass, but noted that it will be displayed with glass.

7. Installation pieces must state total space requirement on entry form.

8. Work must be original in concept and design and not be the result of a class or workshop.

9. All work must be either fiber in content or executed in a fiber technique or look like fiber. 

10. Accepted work must be completely ready for installation including any essential display hardware, rods, or stands.

11. Accepted artwork must be available for the entire duration of the exhibition.

12. If accepted work is sold prior to the exhibition, it will not be included from the exhibition.

13. Work other than that submitted and chosen by the jury may not be substituted.

14. AV  retains the right to reproduce and distribute the images to print and electronic media for publicity, documentation, and 

      educational purposes.

15. AV has a photo policy which permits photography by the general public, for personal use only, not using flash and not for


16. The artist will be credited.

17. While at AV, work will be insured for its stated insurance value. The insurance value of works available for sale is 50% of the retail

      sales price.

18. For works available for sale, a 50% commission on retail sale will be retained.

19. Work that differs significantly from the image representing it will be rejected and returned to the artist.    

20. Digital Image Submission          

       1. Original digital photography should be submitted in high resolution JPG format. The narrowest uncropped dimension should be             approximately 1800 pixels. Images should be 300 dpi.        

       2. Filenames should only contain name of artists and title or artwork It should not contain special characters such as periods,

           commas, slashes, pound signs, asterisks, etc.        

       3. Select baseline “standard” when saving JPG files.


The artist is responsible for all shipping and insurance costs to and from the exhibition. Complete shipping instructions will be included with notification of acceptance.


Prior to shipping the artist must notify AV about the shipment with a shipment date and shipment company.  Work MUST be shipped in STURDY, REUSABLE containers and include any necessary hardware, materials, and instructions for installation along with detailed repacking instructions.


1. The artist is responsible for paying for return shipping.

2. The museum will arrange return shipping with artist prior to close of exhibit.

3. Return shipping will be via US Postal Service or FedEx.4. Hand-delivered work may be picked up by appointment. 

Sold pieces: The commission will be paid within two weeks after the end of the exhibition. 

Please attach high resolution JPG format. Include artist information (Name, contact info, title, size and medium).