Wayne Thiebaud´s Edible Paintings

These days in California many great chefs are called artists. Their creations are photographed, posted on Instagram and greeted in awe in faraway countries. Oishi desu ne! Before the high-tech transmission of highly delectable treats, there were Wayne Thiebaud´s beautiful, carefully painted cakes, slices of pie, candy apples, and lollipops. Nostalgic pieces, boldly painted with soft pastels, in oil on canvas. Low-tech. The opposite of a snap shot. Still lives, candy for the eyes. Solid art works, meant to last a lifetime, and to be passed on to future generations. The colors are what is most striking - or soothing. Wayne Thiebaud must have had in mind what Barbie has in her wardrobe. The sof

Painting the Dark Side of Life - Paton Miller´s Public Enemy Number One

Much about prison art has been written and shown. Little has been depicted about prisoners in art works. Famous are, however, Michaelangelo´s prisoners. Powerful statues of slaves in marble, “non finito” (unfinished). What a work of art carving out the winding figures out of a block of marble showing the struggle of men to free from the spirit of matter. Were they left unfinished, because we don´t know if they were freed or if they lived after the struggle? Paton Miller´s Public Enemy Number One shows the impossibility of the prisoners freedom. Not even able to move his hands, strapped to a piece of wood around his neck, keeping them in a praying state, he encounters a wild dog, barking at h

Art Ventures Gallery Announces Inaugural Exhibition, Against (the) Algorithm—Around The World In 40

Paton Miller, acclaimed modern realist painter based in Southampton New York, is the first artist to participate in the Art Ventures Gallery Program. In addition to showing Miller’s paintings, Art Ventures will exhibit a suite of drawings, drenched in mystery and never before published. Combined with the dreamlike magic of his paintings, these drawings provide glimpses of something mystic and profound. Paton Miller will be attending the opening February 1st, and will be available for media interviews, upon appointment. According to Art Ventures Gallery Director Katharina Powers, “What strikes me looking at Paton Miller’s artwork is the purity of his dramatic landscapes. Paton provides an ant

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