Art Ventures Gallery is calling all her female artists to participate in the first

art and poetry series.


While many of us are still numb from the events in the news over the past

weeks, we want to express our power and passion and make a statement

in the world. As artists, we do this through art. Our goal is to create a

powerful book composed of the voices of women artists.

You are invited to dive into the poetic world of Haiku or Tanka poetry

(details for each below) and write a poem that expresses your thoughts and

feelings about being a woman in the world today. Here are some questions

to inspire you.

• How can we wake up from this nightmare and find a new path to an

honest and equal relationship with men?

• What are you passionate about?

• What is erotic to you?

• What do you love about men?

• What do you love about women?

You may choose to stay anonymous in the published version. We will only

publish your country. If you send a poem in your mother tongue, we will find

a translation together.

Please create a 7”x 7” visual piece to accompany your poem. It could be a

drawing, a painting, mixed media or some other visual medium.

We plan to have the book ready for the holiday season and every

participant whose work is published will receive two free copies of the


Please email your poem to me by Monday, October 22nd. The limit is 5

poems per person. You can submit the sketch at a later point, no later than

October 30th. ( info@artventuresgallery.com )