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Art Ventures Gallery launches ¡PROVOKE! a pre-opening, one-time-only event featuring seven artists p

Artist Chor Boogie.

For most of us a blank wall is just that. For seven Bay Area artists, including Chor Boogie, Cannon Dill, Brett Flanigan, Amanda Lynn, Bud Snow, Lynnea Holland-Weiss and Nina Wright, it is an invitation to wide-open creativity, community, and connection to the gallery-going public.

Each artist was invited to paint on an 8-foot by 12-foot wall, as well as canvases up to six feet wide. In an anything-goes-approach, artists can use spray paint, brushes, or rollers to do with the Art Ventures walls whatever their imagination inspires.

The public watched the artists as they worked, seeing art being made, one creative, risk-taking decision at a time. For gallery visitors ¡PROVOKE! was a unique opportunity to meet the participating artists, make a personal connection to art, hear the story behind each piece of art, and become part of the story—all in the middle of Menlo Park.

Following the three days of art making during ¡PROVOKE!, Art Ventures will hold a public viewing of the newly adorned gallery walls as well as an exhibit of the painted canvases (at a date to be announced). The paintings on canvas will be for sale, with artists receiving half of the proceeds and the other half going toward the Art Ventures’ Artist Residence Program in St. Helena, CA.


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